Sunday, 17 July 2011's gotta be done though...

I am not very good at doing sewing 'jobs'. I like to make pretty and, often fairly useless stuff. Now and then though, I have to do my repairs and alterations. It's annoying but it is always appreciated and once it's done and the pile of 'to do' sewing jobs is out of my sewing room, I do feel a certain satisfaction...
So my repairs / alterations list looks like this tonight and I am determined to get through at least half of it....
  • Take up one pair of trousers for my sister in law
  • Repair a tear in some shorts for my brother in law
  • Sew turned up sleeves and repair a hole in one of Ed's shirts
  • Fix some holes on Gabe's fave skinny jeans, oh and also sew on the 'no sew' Lightning McQueen patch that Ed got him from America a LONG time ago and that immediately fell off.
  • Shorten my skinny jeans and finish hem with some pretty homemade bias tape for a nice change.
So, that is not actually too bad a list...let's hope I get most of them done tonight though because I really want to make a pencil case for Gabe and some cute drawstring bags for some children's games that have got broken boxes.

Time to pull my thimble out! Nix

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