Monday, 11 July 2011

A new tablecloth with Martha's mitred corners

I wanted to get a new table cloth and saw one on the web I liked. I popped into the shop and it was reduced but still really expensive so instead I brought some fabric and decided to make it myself. So instead of £40 down to £29, I paid £15.
I decided to mitre the corners properly. I used this book to follow the instructions.
This is a really good book. It has instructions for just about everything from stitch types to fading or dyeing fabrics. I’ve used it to learn a few techniques and it is really clearly laid out. It also has lots of lovely projects.
I followed these instructions for mitred corners.
It was a fiddly process. The fabric is quite thick, which made it slightly more difficult and I also wanted the turned over edges to be fairly thin so that gives you a smaller area to work with.
Once I had pinned all the corners I stitched all the way around. Easy peasy.
Pleased with the result though. Now I know how easy it was I won’t ever buy another table cloth. 
 Thanks, Nix!

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