Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lovely flowers and Sunday lunches

I have been given some gorgeous flowers recently...They are too pretty not to photograph.
Nicky gave me these on Friday...I have no idea what they are but they are beautiful aren't they. Thanks Nic! X
These I was given (well, encouraged to take) from Mary's allotment while they were on holiday. Roses, sweet peas, lavender and mint (just like my wedding bouquet).
The flowers in the background here were bought to me by Mary from her allotment last Sunday along with little porcelain bag from France. Mary also prepared the delicious starters for our Sunday lunch. I made the Pimms and cake. Ed cooked the roast pork (roasted meat really doesn't photograph well though!)
The tablecloth used to be my Mums. I love things that have been passed down through the family. I just wish I had taken better care of some of them when I was moving all over the place in my twenties. Who knows where some of my stuff has ended up?
Hey ho. Happy Sunday. Nix :)

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