Monday, 3 September 2012

They've been framed! At long last...

Anyone that has been in my home knows I have a weird number of frames hanging on walls with stock shots of strangers or blank paper in them...I find a frame, I know exactly where it will go, so I hang it and I think, I must put a photo in that. And then I don't do it for a year! 

Anyway, over the last few days I've managed to correct the situation. I've thrown out the strangers and put in MY people!

My best framing victory has got to be this Ikea frame 1m tall by 70cm wide. I had loads of Instagram pictures from this summer printed 5x5 and found it very hard to choose which ones to include but pleased with the result.

My bathroom frames are also filled!

And after a mere 6 years of marriage...I've finally put some wedding pictures up! and of course, my two gorgeous boys taken by my talented photographer Cousin, Alex Watts in her studio: Willow and Pea Portraits

Right, next project awaits, no rest for the crafty...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rocking again this summer...

Nope, I didn't manage a single festival this year but I did find some pretty cool rocks and stones this summer. That's Zac and I at Burgh Island picking out some lovely flat slatey stones...

I have also found some fantastic pens which have opened up another world of rock related crafts to me! I could barely contain my excitement about these pens and having been telling everyone I meet about them...

The pens are called Posca by Uni and I got them from my local craft shop Creative Crafts.

There was a choice of pens and I went for these bullet tip, fine line, permanent pens. They are great for the kids as mine are a bit too young for effective stone painting...although they are permanent so watch out for that! If you want them shiny use Mod Podge or watered down PVA to protect your art!

Other ideas for these brilliant pens...
  • You could add some googly eyes and make them into pets.
  • We made some noughts and crosses stones which can be left in the garden - you can make the grid out of sticks. 
  • Apparently they also write well on wellies, so personalising some cheap supermarket wellies could be good fun. 
  • I also tried these pens on glass and they worked really well although would eventually come off something that was being used a lot and washed up. Excellent for making jars into tea light holders though. We'll be getting some spooky colours out and making some for Halloween no doubt about it.
  • Mary's idea was to find enough flatish stones and write people names to use as place markers at the table.
  • I just love the thought of bringing a few stones home from your holidays and writing where and when they were from on the back or the front.
Have you got any good ideas for these pens?

Nix :)