Monday, 3 September 2012

They've been framed! At long last...

Anyone that has been in my home knows I have a weird number of frames hanging on walls with stock shots of strangers or blank paper in them...I find a frame, I know exactly where it will go, so I hang it and I think, I must put a photo in that. And then I don't do it for a year! 

Anyway, over the last few days I've managed to correct the situation. I've thrown out the strangers and put in MY people!

My best framing victory has got to be this Ikea frame 1m tall by 70cm wide. I had loads of Instagram pictures from this summer printed 5x5 and found it very hard to choose which ones to include but pleased with the result.

My bathroom frames are also filled!

And after a mere 6 years of marriage...I've finally put some wedding pictures up! and of course, my two gorgeous boys taken by my talented photographer Cousin, Alex Watts in her studio: Willow and Pea Portraits

Right, next project awaits, no rest for the crafty...


  1. Hi Nicola,
    You've put me to shame! I have PILES of frames, as well as making frames myself, and more PILES of things to put in them - but the two never come together!
    There is hope though - so far my wedding photos have only waited 18 months to be put on show!
    LOVE your blog, it's very inspiring - keep sharing :o)

    Dee x (Ali C's friend, Somerset!)

  2. Thanks Dee! It's really nice to get comments. The big question is...have you done your frames yet? I used for my prints. The best thing about them is that if you get your order across in the morning the prints are usually with you the next day so you can keepp the creative momentum going until the project is finished - says she!! It only took me two years! or six for the wedding shots!