Sunday, 19 June 2011

Two more cakes...and Happy Father's Day!

I baked and iced these two cakes last night for a party we are off to today. They are for my friend Jacqueline's twins, Siena and Oliver. It is a joint first birthday and naming day celebration. It's a ceremony, then a picnic, then rounders so fingers crossed for weather.
The recipe is the same one I always use. Oliver's cake is chocolate sponge with white chocolate icing and Siena's is plain sponge with jam and buttercream. I am pleased with the chocolate one and have Thea to thank for the design idea. Very classy don't you think? Thanks me dear. All the toppings were from Sainsbury as I left it a bit late. I was going to try and find a cake decorating shop but ran out of time. Sainsbury did have a much better selection than Tesco though.

Father's Day
Hopefully all the Daddies are enjoying Father's Day. Ed got this card and some wine from the boys but his real treat is next weekend. I am taking the boys away for a week in Cornwall with my Mum and for the first time since the children have been born he will get a whole weekend in the house all by himself. He has a tight schedule planned...It  goes something like this:
Friday: Play football, go to pub, watch Glastonbury hightlights.
Saturday: Lie in, play golf all day, order in pizza, watch Coldplay and U2 ont' telly.
Sunday: Lie in, play computer games all day, cook a roast for one.
He is a lucky boy isn't he...he will miss us in the week though.


  1. YUM! The chocolate one is a dream!

  2. Hi 99intheshade...I just wanted to say thanks for posting a comment, I only started blogging a week ago so it's exciting to get a comment from someone that I don't know! Mostly it's just been my pals until now. Thanks! Nix