Thursday, 16 June 2011

My first attempt at dressmaking - Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated

At last, I have braved and successfully made an item of clothing! It is my very first time and I am very pleased with the results!

I started it last week and I did get some help at the beginning from my sewing teacher, May. I go to a sewing class once a month, you can take whatever you are working on – anything from quilts, dress-making, bunting, soft furnishings – and May helps you along the way with advice, tips, sewing machine know-how, understanding your pattern or project. Basically what May doesn’t know about sewing isn’t worth knowing!

So I finished the tunic today just by following the instructions and working it out for myself. It was very clear and easy to understand. I think in total it took me about 6 hours from start to finish including cutting the pattern out, then the fabric, sewing it all together and finishing it all nicely. I think it must be a pretty straight forward kind of pattern or perhaps just well written as it all went smoothly. Hardly any swearing at all!

I cut out and made the 10/12. I think it’s quite accurate size-wise...On me I would say it’s slightly too big around my waist but the smaller size would have been too small on the sleeves and top. Anyway, I love the style so I am going to leave this one as it is, comfy and airy for summer and make another one, probably in a dark colour for winter in heavier fabric...maybe needlecord...I am thinking a dark green or French navy. Anyway, next time I am going to adjust the pattern slightly to taper in more at the waist and be slightly narrower in the skirt. Also, I made the dress slightly shorter than on the instructions and I would like to thank Jenny and May for telling me it was short enough! There was no mirror and it really is short enough!

The pattern is called Schoolhouse Tunic No. 106 by Sew Liberated

I am still new to this whole blogging thing and have yet to work out things like tagging my words and including links...all in good time!

A cake baking day tomorrow! Bye for now, Nix X


  1. You are so clever! I am feeling a bit useless now. Must take that sewing class now that I have a machine!

  2. Hi Karen, if you can get to a class it's great because, if nothing else it gives you a few hours away from the house and you can get so much done. Honestly though, I think the most important thing is getting your machine ready to use with wound bobbins on standby. Then when you do suddenly have moment, you can go for it! Also a couple of good books for inspiration. I love my craft and sewing books. I will blog about my fave books later...X

  3. Looks great Nicola! Love the fabric, what is it?