Monday, 25 June 2012

Ben 10 Craft

Being a Mum of two boys I always pleased when I think of something that I can make for them.  Yesterday my youngest son was wearing a Ben 10 watch that he had made from playdough.  It was very sweet how much he loved this watch...but slightly annoying as it kept falling off and I know it sounds a bit OCD but wearing playdough and carpets and sofas...So no...I said I would make him one when I got home that he could wear all the time and so I did.  Here it is.

I found a picture on the web (see below) and used it to design this felt version. I measured the boys wrists and went for 18cm. I cut out the shapes by hand and then sewed them together through all the layers finally adding some velcro.  The boys loved them.  So a happy household this morning.

Thanks, Nix x

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