Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blinds and blankets...

This week I finished two time consuming projects...first blinds!

I have to admit that the extra time taken measuring, re-measuring, tacking everything in sight and taking it slowly did pay off. They went up and I've had to make no adjustments. I'm really pleased with how they look. Hooray for thermal lined and interlined cosy blinds shutting out that freezing air! Brrrr.

Another cosy item (which totally clashes with my blinds!) is a massive snug granny blanket that I have been picking up and putting down for a year! It is also finally finished and doing it's job over my legs of an evening. It was a bit of an experiment with colours and some I like and some not. Next, I'm going to try a ripple blanket but in cotton this time.

There are two whole boys under there!

1 comment:

  1. You're right: those blinds make the whole room warmer during the colder days. And it's a good thing it was paired with a cozy and colorful blanket that youe made. I wish I can make a large and thick blanket for those cold winter nights when it's so difficult to just snuggle in and sleep.