Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Story stones from Red Bird Crafts...

I finally got to make some decorated stones with Gabe today...it was great fun. Makes a nice change from colouring and stickers and less messy than painting (honestly!). I did the cutting, he did the gluing and placed some of the fabric, he also decided what we were making. I think little girls could especially get into this!
The site that the idea and the instructions came from is here but you don't have to use Mod Podge (it's not widely available in the UK so will end up costing you around £10). I just used watered down PVA. I will need to put another layer on once this layer has dried as some of my fabrics were quite thick...a good idea to soak thicker fabrics in the glue mix if you can, or at least paint some glue on the back of the fabric, as well as the front and on the stone.

Happy rainy August days! Nix! 

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  1. I absolutely love these! They'd make such lovely little gifts. Thanks for the inspiration :)