Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Little makes...

So much to do, so little I have been making some little things to keep me crafty (=happy).  Both of these ideas came from Pinterest...where else!
The comb took about 10 mins to make and it doesn't really need explaining...get thread, buy comb and wrap...really simple but I like the effect. The idea came from here via Pinterest.

The scarf took about an hour and a half. The pattern is free from this blog. The pattern is in American terminology so translate as follows:
single = double
double = treble
half double = half treble
I did repeat row 2 to make it slightly wider. I also kind of did my own thing at the end to make it a bit neater. I sort of went around the bottom with a scallop if you know what I mean!
Bye for now, Nix!

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